Osprey Orielle Lake



MA Culture and Environmental Studies, Holy Names University, California

BA Environmental Studies, University of California Santa Cruz

Undergraduate studies, Reed College, Oregon

2011 - present,  Co-Chair International Advocacy, Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

2009 – present,  Founder and President of Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus

2009 – 2011, Board of Directors Praxis Peace Institute

2009-- present,  Advisor International Ecocity Framework and Standards

2009 – present , Faculty Holy Names University, California

2008 – present, Founder/Director, Drop of Water, Drop of Life Project

1998 - present,  International public speaker and seminar leader

1995 – present,  Founder/Director, International Cheemah Monument Project

1985 - present,  Production of bronze sculptures and monuments

1978 – 1981  Wilderness Guide

Current Public Art Projects:

18 foot tall public monument, International Cheemah Monument Project. Eight monuments, dedicated to world unity and care for the environment,to be placed around the world.  First three were installed in Germany, Spain and the United States.  www.cheemahproject.org

18 foot tall public monument, International Mari Monument Project. Eight monuments, dedicated to the earth’s waters that unite people worldwide.


International Drop of Water, Drop of Life Project, placement of water fountain sculptures dedicated to water awareness and protection of world waters through local watershed education.

Advocacy-related work experiences:

Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus (WECC) collaborates with women leaders from grassroots organizations, policy-making agencies, as well as the business and scientific community. Our strategic focus is strengthening and building the capacity of women’s leadership worldwide as an essential ingredient to solving critical issues of climate mitigation and adaptation focusing on energy, water, food, community well-being and care the natural world. United Nations’ studies demonstrate that women are key to climate solutions, yet there is a severe gap between their daily lives and access to specific information, collaborative networks, resources, and to policy and decision making bodies in order to impact environmental and social issues. WECC closes this gap by offering a variety of forums, training programs, and interactive platforms to discuss policy, community needs and strategies, and to mobilize action.

Art Collections:

Works have been privately collected in the United States, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong and Japan


2011 Nautilus Book Award

2009 Activist Scholarship, Tides Foundation 

2009 National Women’s History Project Honoree,

        “Taking the Lead to  Save our Planet”

1999 Woman of the Year Outstanding Achievement Award

          California Federation of Business and Professional Women

1976  National Merit Scholar


2007 Campagna Rassegna Dell’Acqua (Review of the Water)  Festival, Salerno, Italy.

2007 10th International Film,Video & New Media Festival

          Detroit Museum of New Art

1999 CNN Headline News Website of the Day

Exhibitions:     (Partial)

2010  Solo Exhibition, McPherson Art Museum, Kansas

2009  Spirits in Stone, Sonoma, California

2007-2011  Marin Arts Festival, San Rafael, California

2004–present  Saginaw Art Museum, Saginaw, Michigan

2000-present  Zeit fur Kunst, Hamburg, Germany

1992-2000  Galerie Raum & Kunst, Hamburg, Germany

1996  Wild Life Ausstellung Hanseviertel, Hamburg, Germany

1994  Domus, Frankfurt, Germany

1994  Syntex Corporation, Palo Alto, California

1993  Permanent Collection - East 21 Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

1992  Hotel Brighton, Paris, France

1992  Diamonds on Rodeo, Beverly Hills, California

1990-1992  Children's Fire Gallery, Bad Kohlgrub, Germany

1989  Bamberger Haus, Munich, Germany

1988  Colorbox Gallery, San Francisco, California

1987  Kazanjian’s, Beverly Hills, California

1987  Bridge of Beauty Gallery, San Francisco, California

1986  Isis Unlimited Gallery, Beverly Hills, California

1985  Canessa Park Gallery, San Francisco, California

TV Coverage: (Partial)

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Public Speaking:(Partial)

World Climate Summit and various events COP17 , Durban, South Africa 2011

American Renewable Energy Day , Aspen , Colorado, 2011

UN, NYC, New York, May, 2011

Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah, California, April, 2011

Earth Day Festival, San Francisco, California, April, 2011

UC Santa Cruz, California, April, 2011

Dominican University, San Rafael, California, April, 2011

University of Southern Oregon, Ashland, Oregon, March, 2011

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Under Western Skies, Climate Culture and Change”,  Canada, October, 2010

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Eco Conference, University of Calgary, Canada, May 2009

Pachamama Alliance, San Francisco, April, 2009

Common Bond Institute, “Engaging the Other”, San Francisco,  Sept. 2008

Arts In Society, Birmingham, England, July 2008

46th International Making Cities Livable Conference,

        Santa Fe, New Mexico, June, 2008

Ecocity World Summit, San Francisco, April 2008

Common Bond Conference, Dearborn, Michigan October, 2007

Artist-in-Residence, Praxis Conference on Nature and Global  Culture,

          Croatia,June 2007

The Power of Inclusion, Tulsa, June 2007

SEED Graduate Institute, Oil and Water Conference, Santa Fe,  October 2006

The Power of Inclusion, Seattle, May, 2006

Seminar, “Renewing our Relationship to Nature and Culture”, Muir Woods Park

                Community Association Center, 2005, CA

Edith Cowan University, Art Department, Perth, Australia February 2004

University of New South Wales, Art Department, Sydney,  Australia March 2004

Seminar, “Meeting the Land of Ancient and Modern Hellas”,

Volos, Greece, with archeologist Evangelina Skafida, 2002

Holy Names High School, Oakland, California  April, 2002

Environmental Awareness Course, Sardinia, Italy, 2001

Oakland Technical High School, December, 2001

Gracenet, San Francisco, CA May 15, 2001

Rotary Clubs, Northern California, Nov. 1998 to 2001

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